Fans Call Out Netflix And ‘The Witcher’ Writers For “driving away” Henry Cavill From His Dream Role

Fans Call Out Netflix And ‘The Witcher’ Writers For “driving away” Henry Cavill From His Dream Role

The elves, the witches, the wizards, and the witchers; all must be mourning even in their magic today, as the show lost its most beloved and significant actor, Henry Cavill. He was so natural and flawless at playing the character that fans never in their wildest dream could imagine another actor in the role. However, our deepest fears came out true, and even destiny couldn’t keep fan-favorite Geralt of Rivia with his child surprise and the beautiful princess of Cintra.

Seemingly, Henry Cavill not only played the titular character for three consecutive seasons but also helped the series rise to prominence and achieve great heights. Now that he will no longer be part of the lore fans substantially state on their social media handles that half of their reason to watch the series was the 6’2 feet tall, world’s second most handsome man, and the lone wolf of the medieval fantasy drama. While many are lamenting the loss of the actor to DCEU, a plethora of other Twitter birds blame the writers’ room for driving away Cavill from his dream role!

Fans blame the ‘disloyal’ writers of The Witcher series to be the reason for Henry Cavill to discontinue being Geralt of Rivia

Notably, a few days earlier, writer-producer Beau DeMayo acknowledged in an interview how a few writers not only dislike but even mock and ridicule the series’s original source. Cavill himself is an ardent Witcher geek and respects books with all his heart. But it seems like the stars did not align with our white-haired monster butcher who had to give away his dream role to the Hunger Games actor and younger brother of Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth. 

Fans now blame the disloyal scriptwriters of the series in their tweets to be the reason for his decision to back out from the role after three seasons. Check out some tweets below:

What are your thoughts on this? Why according to you did Henry Cavill pass the role to Liam Hemsworth? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, stream the prequel series, The Witcher: Blood Origin on December 25th, only on Netflix.

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