Fans Argue Their Favorite Wendy Byrde [Laura Linney] Outfit From Ozark, What Is Yours?

Fans Argue Their Favorite Wendy Byrde [Laura Linney] Outfit From Ozark, What Is Yours?

Fans are still not quite over Ozark even though the show concluded weeks ago. From obsessing over the ending, the fans have now jumped to Wendy Byrde’s (Laura Linney) outfits on the show. They are now debating about the best outfit that Laura has worn on the show. 

The drama was never quite known for its fashion choices but for its twists and betrayals. It was a crime drama that followed Marty Byrde who struck a money-laundering deal with the cartel. He was forced to uproot his family to Ozark from Chicago, but Marty soon finds out the risks involved in working with the cartel. 

Fans debate outfits Laura Linney wore on Ozark

For a show like Ozark, it was essential that Laura Linney downplayed her looks. Most of her wardrobe included just plain comfortable shirts, denim, and overcoats. She didn’t wear too many fancy clothes. There are exceptions of course, like the jumpsuit she wore once and the gala dresses. The actress looked stunning for the rare times Wendy decided to dress up. 

Fans on Reddit, though, can’t quite agree on her best-dressed moments. 

Ozark is one of the shows that’s filled with unlikable characters. However, Wendy still tops the list for some of the fans. She was ambitious, calculative, and even more ruthless than Marty. Wendy murdered her own brother, Ben without much remorse to save her own skin. So no wonder that one of the Redditors hilariously stated: 

Others pointed out that her wardrobe choice was the worst. They reasoned the shoes and the colors were unflattering on the beautiful actress. 

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Ozark spin-off isn’t in the works 

Ever since it ended fans have been clamoring for a spin-off. They had hoped for one considering the ambiguous ending the show had. But creator Chris Mundy has extinguished all hopes. He stated that the writers aren’t working on expanding the Ozark Universe. So a spin-off or a movie is out of the question. 

Maybe it’s time for a re-watch. Stream all four seasons of Ozark here. 

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