Jason Bateman Transforms From Marty Byrde in His First Major Role After Ozark

Jason Bateman Transforms From Marty Byrde in His First Major Role After Ozark

It is extremely hard to think of anyone but Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde from Ozark. And it is impossible to forget him in the role. But as time movies on, so has Jason. His incredibly successful run with Netflix’s Ozark came to an end almost three months ago. And since then, the actor had taken a break.

But recently, it was reported that Jason has taken up another major project. And it looks like it isn’t only with another streamer but also quite different from his last role, even physically.

In a panel interview for Ozark, Jason revealed the new look for his latest project. Let us see what the actor had to say.

Jason Bateman has a new look for a new role

Netflix recently held a long panel interview on the making of the four seasons of Ozark. The interview was not just insightful to the process of making the show. But it was also great to see our favorites Jason Bateman and Julia Garner since the show’s ending.

We got to know a lot of behind-the-camera secrets of the show, including what Jason and Julia miss most from the show. But what was visibly different was Jason’s new hairstyle which was pointed out by the interview host Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy joked by saying that Jason had just had a haircut this morning, referring to his long hair. After having a great laugh at the joke, Jason explained that the long air was for his new project in which he plays a guy from 1984.

“So we got the wings going,” Jason added.

In fact, apart from having long hair, Jason’s new role is different from Marty in another way.

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While Marty was a character created by showrunner Chris Mundy, Jason’s new role is Rob Strasser. The latter was a real-life experienced Nike executive and lawyer-turned-branding-guru in charge of the company’s marketing and messaging across all sports.

It sure will be hard to see Jason not playing the amazing Marty Byrde once again. But Jason Bateman is a talented individual, and fans of Ozark shall always be excited to see his new projects.

Are you guys excited to see Jason in his new role or not? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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