Even After Breaking Up With Gina Carano, Henry Cavill Is Still Attached to This One Thing They Bonded Over

Even After Breaking Up With Gina Carano, Henry Cavill Is Still Attached to This One Thing They Bonded Over

British actor Henry Cavill received immense love from the audience after he became Superman in DCU’s Man of Steel in 2013. The actor is even said to have left his ambitious Netflix series The Witcher for the film. Thus, his fans have been heartbroken after learning that DCU is not casting him back.

Amidst all the chaos, there is something in Cavill’s life that has been his moral support for a long time. And no, it is not a girlfriend that we are talking about. However, it does relate to one of The Witcher star’s exes.

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What came as a lifesaver for Henry Cavill?

One of the reasons why people love Henry Cavill is his simplicity and behavior. Even after being an established name in the industry, the actor is not shy about showing his geeky nature and, of course, is capable of making millions of women fall for him. One of Cavill’s affairs that was in the news because of its extremely short duration was with Kaley Cuoco. Before her, the 39-year-old actor was dating The Mandalorian fame actress Gina Carano. He said to have dumped her for Cuoco, but his relationship with Cuoco turned out to be just a PR stunt.

Right after his short fling with Cuoco ended, he got back together with Carano and the couple decided to work it out. Hence, they decided to adopt a pup, and that is how Kal came into Cavill’s life. It was a little Akita pup that the couple adopted and since then; it has been an inseparable part of Cavill’s life.

Even though the couple separated in the year 2014, Cavill still stayed attached to Kal and refers to him as the best decision he ever made. According to Fandom Wire, Cavill often calls Kal his best friend, who has come into his life as a lifesaver. Kal also reminds him of the good time he had with Carano. Henry Cavill is now dating Natalie Viscuso, whom he is said to be very much in love with.

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Do you have someone like Kal in your life who has supported you through your hard times? Tell us in the comments.

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