Millie Bobby Brown Compares Her Small “High maintanence” Poodles to Henry Cavill’s Well-Trained American Akita, Kal

Millie Bobby Brown Compares Her Small “High maintanence” Poodles to Henry Cavill’s Well-Trained American Akita, Kal

The Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown, and Hollywood A-lister, Henry Cavill, have been persistent in recent headlines owing to their massive success for Enola Holmes 2. However, not only do they have a knack for perfectionism in their profession, but they also share one more common denominator between them. And that is their boundless obsession with their respective dogs. 

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, the actor and producer of Enola Holmes opened up on how her poodles are different from Cavill’s Akita. In fact, in the process of gushing about her sweetest moments with her god, the star actually ended up providing us with some valuable tips, in case any of you are planning on getting one. While Millie Bobby Brown has grown up with her six small adorable dogs, Henry Cavill has a giant American breed named Kal. 

What did Millie Bobby Brown say about Henry Cavill’s Kal?

Brown could not stop getting all mushy over her poodle, whom she affectionately called “Pooh”. Speaking more about their ways of living, the actress added saying her small pets are very “high maintenance.” In fact, she, a profound dog lover, confirmed the fact that smaller dogs can really be temperamental. However, on the other hand, bigger dogs, like that of Cavill’s Kal, are all chill. 

And when it comes to Henry Cavill and his pet, it is a like-master-like-pet dog. The 18-year-old star mentioned how Kal makes a great dog, as he is very well-trained. In her case, however, things are a bit different. Out of all her six dogs, the one she considers her “baby” has a very sophisticated lifestyle, “just like her mother,” Brown flaunts. The Stranger Things star also revealed how she travels with her abroad because she “cannot live without her.”

Further telling us about her obsession with dogs, Brown confessed how she arbitrarily keeps scrolling their images in her gallery in case she misses them unbearably someday. Later in the interview, the host flaunted his own dog, whom Brown could not stop admiring. It was quite visible that all the dog enthusiasts always had a great time with each other. 

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