Euphoria’s Ash AKA the Umbrella Academy’s Stan Is Living Every Fan’s Dream, but How?

Euphoria’s Ash AKA the Umbrella Academy’s Stan Is Living Every Fan’s Dream, but How?

Although Javon Walton had a brief stint on Netflix’s superhero show as Stanley, he made a memorable impact on both the viewers and Diego. Euphoria’s Ash got some fatherly love from Diego in The Umbrella Academy after having none in Euphoria. Sadly, it didn’t last for too long. Even the show’s Twitter handle thinks Stanley is lucky for having such cool parents. 

Stanley is living every The Umbrella Academy fans’ dreams as the child of Diego and Lila 

The Umbrella Academy is as much about doomsday as it is about the siblings and their daddy issues. While the Umbrellas continue to seek the approval of Sir Reginald, Stanley is introduced as Diego and Lila’s child in season 3. Diego, shocked and completely inexperienced in fatherhood, had to find ways to deal with the chaos Stanley brought into his life. The creators knew that the new entrant, Stanley was pulling at the viewers’ hearts so they recently tweeted about how so many fans wish to trade places with Stan and bond with the Umbrellas. 

Stanley with his pyromaniac tendencies, stealing, and other criminal activities made life for Diego chaotic. Once he set the Hotel Obsidian on fire with his obsession with Molotov cocktails. As punishment, he was to clean the hotel with his uncle Klaus. But then he started playing with the harpoon gun and accidentally shot his immortal uncle, not knowing then that he was immortal. Diego and Stanley grew closer until Lila revealed that Stanley wasn’t their kid.

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Who was Stanley? 

Stanley was Lila’s friend, Trudy’s son. Lila had used him to test Diego before she could reveal to him her pregnancy. Apparently, Stanley knew everything and kept up the act because he wanted more than just the emotionally unavailable parent that Trudy was. But poor Stanley couldn’t continue to live with them as he ended up getting blitzed. His time as their kid was short but sweet. 

Indeed, Stanley fared better than the Umbrella siblings when it came to getting some fatherly affection. 

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