Ethan Hawke Reveals How Stranger Things Saved Him From Coming Across as a “crazy, nepotistic dad”

Ethan Hawke Reveals How Stranger Things Saved Him From Coming Across as a “crazy, nepotistic dad”

Maya Hawke has been simply amazing as Robin Buckley. There is no actress who could’ve played the role of Robin as well as she did. However, even though Stranger Things is Maya’s most notable work to date, she has also appeared in numerous projects. In fact, Maya made an appearance on The Good Lord Bird in 2020, besides her father, Ethan.

While promoting the show about legendary abolitionist John Brown, Ethan, who played Brown, credited Stranger Things for helping Maya get cast in the show.

Let us see what Ethan Hawke had to say.

Stranger Things helped Ethan be a better dad to Maya Hawke

Stranger Things certainly has helped its actors make great careers for themselves. Each actor from the show has gone on to star in multiple high-budgeted projects.

But apparently, it helped Ethan Hawke more than anyone else as he got a chance to work with his daughter thanks to the Netflix Original.

While appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers back in 2020, Ethan shared how he desperately wanted Maya to play John Brown’s daughter, Annie Brown.

But Ethan said he did not know how to bring the conversation up with his producers. Fortunately, the 51-year-old actor did not have to.

Ethan said that after watching Stranger Things, the producers themselves called Ethan to enquire to see if Maya would be interested in playing Annie and stopped him for being a “crazy, nepotistic dad.”

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Ethan commented, “The funny thing about it was that I really wanted Maya, and they were glad to have her. And I was glad to have her, and she was happy to be there.”

The Marvel actor then went on to say how fortunate he felt that he got to work with his daughter and also mentioned how artistic Maya is.

He even shared how he and Maya used to draw when she was young and how impressed Ethan was with her work. The father-daughter duo will also be seen together in the unreleased Beatles-inspired comedy, Revolver.

Do you guys want to see Ethan appear beside Maya in Stranger Things final season? Let us know your thoughts about this dream casting in the comments.

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