Duffer to Russo Bros, Netflix Breakout Star Millie Bobby Brown Signs $200 Million ‘The Electric State’, Chris Pratt in Talks

Duffer to Russo Bros, Netflix Breakout Star Millie Bobby Brown Signs $200 Million ‘The Electric State’, Chris Pratt in Talks

The Stranger Things’ telekinetic girl, Millie Bobby Brown is truly the hot commodity these days. The actress is going places from starring in Enola Holmes to Godzilla, and now she has bagged a role in yet another buzz-worthy project. Netflix is teaming up the powerful trio of Russos and Millie in another million-dollar project, The Electric State. With the Russos gearing up for their release of The Gray Man, fans now have one more reason to keep their Netflix subscription. 

Millie Bobby Brown will join Chris Pratt in the next Netflix feature

The Electric State follows an orphaned girl who travels through the American West, with a friendly robot and a man, who is looking for his younger brother. The movie is an adaptation of Simon Stalenhag’s 2018 illustrated novel. He is also the man behind Tales From The Loop. Apart from Millie Bobby Brown and the Russos, the film may also star Chris Pratt. The actor is currently in talks to join the production.

With so many big names attached to the project, it’s no wonder that the price tag is $200 million. Apparently, the film was at work at Universal. However, due to the increasing cost, the project finally shifted to Netflix. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are working on the screenplay. The Russos are producing the film under ABGO. Chris Castaldi, and Patrick Newall are also serving as producers. Angella Russo-Otstot, Jake Aust, Markus, Geoff Haley, and McFeely are on board as executive producers. Production hasn’t begun yet. It is due to begin in October.

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But before this arrives, fans will get a taste of the Russos outside of the Marvel universe in The Gray Man releasing on July 15. The action flick unites Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

Meanwhile, the 18-year-old will reprise the role that made her famous in Stranger Things Volume 2. Eleven is still powerless and walking through her memories to confront the horrors of her past. Elsewhere in Hawkins, Vecna is on a killing spree and her friends are in grave danger.

Tune in for the mega event on July 1. 

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