“Elsa Pataky is awesomeness personified”: ‘Interceptor’ Director and Pataky Herself Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the #1 Netflix Movie

“Elsa Pataky is awesomeness personified”: ‘Interceptor’ Director and Pataky Herself Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the #1 Netflix Movie

Do you remember the saying “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”? But in Netflix Original, Interceptor’s case, we have to say that behind this successful woman, there is another woman. Interceptor on Netflix starring Elsa Pataky is ranking 1st and we have to talk about this. Let’s do that by having a sneak peek behind the scenes, courtesy to the film’s director and lead actress, Pataky.

Interceptor is #1 on Netflix

In Interceptor, an army officer is forced to use her training and military expertise when put in a critical situation while on a mission. This Army officer is a lady, and that’s why it is fascinating to watch her fight using her physical and intellectual strengths. And this lady, the main character, is essayed by none other than Elsa Pataky. She admitted that her husband, Thor star Chris Hemsworth, helped her a lot to prepare for this role.

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So, here we can say that behind this successful woman, there is a man, a supportive husband.

Interceptor BTS with Matthew and Elsa

Performing all the stunts takes a lot of physical strength. They are risky and take a lot of patience. Elsa, here in Interceptor, plays the role of an Army officer. She had to get in the shape of an officer. Stuart Beattie, the producer/writer, says that they knew from the beginning that the film would live and die on the quality of its fights. It depends on the actor how much they can be taught, how much she can learn, and how much she can process and then deliver. “Fortunately, our actor is Elsa Pataky,” says Stuart.

The director, Matthew Reilly, says that it is a big action movie, and he also agrees with Stuart’s statement and says, “Elsa Pataky is awesomeness personified.” He adds how the actress got into physical shape. “We’re talking Linda Hamilton Terminator 2 fit. She did months of fight preparation,” adds Matthew.

The stunt coordinator Ingrid Kleining also praises Elsa’s efforts. She says that Elsa was so enthusiastic about learning that she would always ask for more. There are 6 major fight scenes in the movie where Elsa single-handedly kicks all of their a**s. There were 800 beats of fight choreography to learn. And the one thing that is different than any other action movie in this movie is that it has a female lead. Ingrid shares how Elsa learned everything and how she has a great grasping power.

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She also added how Elsa “uses the environment in a creative way in every single fight scene.” And we can see all these praises are worth it because Elsa also shows gratitude for her stunt team and adds, “Give me more. I can take it.”

Well, now, we understand why Interceptor is ranking at #1 on Netflix. Have you watched the movie yet? Share your reviews with us.

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