“Freaking bada** action movie”: Fans Reviews ‘Extraction’ Director Sam Hargrave’s New Movie ‘Interceptor’ on Netflix

“Freaking bada** action movie”: Fans Reviews ‘Extraction’ Director Sam Hargrave’s New Movie ‘Interceptor’ on Netflix

Action movies typically have a very engaging plot and a thrilling sequence of movements. Recently, Netflix is streaming an adventurous drama Interceptor starring Elsa Pataky as the lead actor plays Captain JJ Collins. She is the in-charge of a nuclear missile interceptor base. She is supposed to use her years of military training and competency to fight the enemy and stop them. Fans are reviewing the movie. Let us look at them.

Interceptor reviews from fans

Director Sam Hargrave has won over many hearts with his skillful directions. This movie is no exception. Die-hard fans of Sam loved the movie so much that one of them twitted this.

The female lead in the movie impresses him and he calls the movie bad*** action movie. Another fan also loved the lead and posted this.

While some viewers are in love with the lead, some criticized the plot and dialogues of the movie. They called it the watchable from the list of bad streaming movies.

One of them advised watching the movie after getting drunk.

However, The Guardian considered the movie to be absurd but entertaining. It says, “A frantic real-time piece of pulp about one woman trying to avert nuclear missiles hitting the US is clunky yet committed.” It also says that the film’s contagious enthusiasm and commendable energy covered the ordinary performances and inelegant dialogues.

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In another detailed review, the reviewer has praised the setup of the movie, especially the 2 ticking clocks. They say that it increases the intensity of the scene and creates tension in the viewers’ minds. “The nuclear apocalypse threat is also a good motivator for everyone not giving a single inch. Adding to this, containing most of the action into one set amplifies the tension.” said the reviewer.

More comments here…

A viewer praised Elsa Pataky’s performance in his review for Interceptor and said he loved the movie and if anyone has a problem with that, take it up to Thor!

Last but not the least, Netflix’s tweeter post would make it clear why the audience liked Elsa Pataky’s performance.

One of the established directors served as the action consultant in the movie Interceptor. That might be one reason for people’s love for Pataky’s action scenes.

However, Interceptor has received mixed reviews. Have you seen it yet? Let us know your opinions about the movie.

Watch here: Interceptor

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