‘Interceptor’ Maintains #1 Globally on Netflix Despite Poor Reviews, Crossing 35 Million Watch-Hours

‘Interceptor’ Maintains #1 Globally on Netflix Despite Poor Reviews, Crossing 35 Million Watch-Hours

It seems confusing sometimes to watch Netflix charts. Well, the viewers create the chart in a way. Looking at the current scenario, the recently released American action Interceptor tops the chart. The trailer didn’t impress a lot of viewers. Despite receiving poor reviews, the movie made it to the top. Let us look at more details.

Interceptor on Netflix Charts #1

The American action premiered on Netflix on June 3rd, 2022. It is an old-fashioned action film with a touch of modern gender politics. The plot of the movie is a little cliche. Some of the execution of the actions is clunky. The choreography of the fights is flat, especially in the climax. But the way out of real life and into the imaginary world is something that you can get here. This is one review for the movie.

Despite such a review, the opening collection of the movie was a $124 million domestic gross and a $248 million international gross.

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Some viewers appreciated the female lead in the movie. Some people liked the way the plot unveils the events. While some liked the action, some liked the all-over experience of the movie. Chris Hemsworth helped Elsa Pataky to prepare for the role.

Some fan reviews of the movie

While Rotten Tomatoes rated this movie 4.9 out of 10 average ratings, IMDb gave it 4.5 out of 10. Some people appreciated the movie. He shared his experience like this via Twitter.

Another one praised the lead actor in reply and defended the actor by saying that people shouldn’t be surprised to see female fighting against an entire platoon of males.

Another one praised the movie and said that it wasn’t that bad. Watching Chris Hemsworth in the movie was a fun experience.

While some considered the movie the worst. They suggested that if you have extra time and you don’t want it back, then watch the movie.

A fan made fun of it and said that it was a comedy. It gave them a good laugh.

Well, as different people have different opinions, we cannot just look at it from one side. Have you watched it yet? Watch it here only on Netflix.



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