Eloise and Theo: Are They Going to Be the Endgame in ‘Bridgerton?

Eloise and Theo: Are They Going to Be the Endgame in ‘Bridgerton?

The fifth child of the Bridgerton family, Eloise, abhors the marriage market. A staunch feminist, she is reluctant to follow societal norms and has more things to care about than finding love. But then enters, Theo Sharpe, handsome and a revolutionary.  Eloise is still hell-bent on finding Lady Whistledown’s identity which leads her to the print shop where Theo works. 

The bookish confession

The two don’t start off on a good note – Eloise insults him when they first meet and likewise. But eventually, they forge a friendship because of their shared intellect. Even though Penelope warns her that a friendship with a lower-class male will not bode well for her, Eloise continues to meet him. Her reasons are simple: She’s just interested in his thoughts. She confesses to Theo that she thinks about him when she reads something new, which Theo reciprocates. 

Lady Whistledown and the Queen brew trouble in their friendship

But their relationship hits a pause when the Queen gets involved. Theo, scared for himself and Eloise, puts a stop to their secret meetings. However, when Lady Whistledown reveals Eloise’s involvement with the radicals, the latter reveals in a note that Lady Whistledown used the very printer’s shop. The two rekindle their friendship and decide to find the true Lady Whistledown. But it doesn’t last due to their class differences and some manipulation from Penelope. Eloise ends their friendship, “I couldn’t live with myself if you are the one who has to face the consequences.” 

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Will Eloise and Theo end up together in Bridgerton? 

It’s very evident that both care deeply for each other. According to fan theories (read desperate hopes), these two might reconnect in the upcoming seasons of Bridgerton and have a swoon-worthy bookish romance. 

But where does this leave Sir Phillip Crane? Eloise ends up with Sir Phillip Crane in To Sir Phillip, With Love. She gets a marriage proposal from him at the age of 28. But at present in the series, Sir Phillip is married to Marina Thompson and was seen striking up a friendship with Colin Bridgerton. Since Shonda Rhimes has taken creative liberties with the book, Eloise’s love life may take a completely different path in the series. Whether she ends up with Sir Phillip or Theo we will just have to trust Shonda. By the way, Theo doesn’t even exist in the books!

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