Bridgerton Season 2: What Does Sisterhood Mean to the Sharma Sisters? Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran Share Their Thoughts

Bridgerton Season 2: What Does Sisterhood Mean to the Sharma Sisters? Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran Share Their Thoughts

Bridgerton might be famous for its grandeur, candlelit ballrooms, ballgowns, floral cluster setting, passionate relationships, and female friendships. The Sharma sisters from Bridgerton season 2 shared one of the best relationships. They can do anything for each other, whether they are blood-related or not. Kate Sharma has been very protective of her little sister, Edwina Sharma, whose only aim is to get her sister married to a man whom she loved with all her heart. Little did she know, the man Edwina selects to court, is the man she falls in love with.

With Anthony Bridgerton’s charming personality, Edwina is all ready to court him and be the Viscountess. But, as her older sister gets to know Anthony’s real motive behind the marriage, Kate tries hard to keep her away from him. With their growing verbal sparring, Anthony and Kate develop a romantic connection between them.

But Edwina forgives them and allows Kate and Anthony to be with each other. They might face a lot of emotional imbalance and complexities, but the love between sisters is powerful enough to persist through even the most challenging of obstacles.

Exploring different types of sibling dynamics is not new for Bridgerton. In season 1, the show highlights Daphne and Anthony Bridgerton’s relationship with each other. And how Anthony tries to protect her from all the odds of society. In season 2, fans saw a sisterhood relationship, which was never explored by the show. As much as it is new for the crew and cast of season 2, it is even new for us.

So, Simone Ashley aka Kate Sharma, and Charithra Chandran aka Edwina Sharma share their perspective on sisterhood on Twitter.

Bridgerton Season 2 Sharma Sisters talks about Sisterhood

Kate Sharma aka Simone Ashley from Bridgerton season 2 describes sisterhood as “loyalty, and that comes with all the ups and downs that you would experience together. And it’s just not for a couple of years, it’s forever.”

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Whereas Charithra Chandran describes sisterhood as a female-female relationship, where you are bound together and committed to each other with loyalty and trust for your entire life. Even sisterhood helps you to face the cruel world out there, which has a tendency to be against women. It’s not about connecting eternally, but also sticking together to fight anything that comes up.

What do you think sisterhood stands for? Comment down below.

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