Netizens Pour Appreciation Posts for Netflix Editing Elliot Page’s Name in the Credits

Netizens Pour Appreciation Posts for Netflix Editing Elliot Page’s Name in the Credits

News of The Umbrella Academy incorporating Elliot Page’s transition into the series was already well known. But the streamer has taken a step further to edit the actor’s name in the previous seasons of the show. Elliot Page plays an integral part in the Netflix series about Superhero siblings banding together to avert catastrophes. After a long gap, the dysfunctional superhero family has finally returned to the screens to answer the questions it left in the viewers’ minds back in season 2. 

Netflix edited the actor’s new name Elliot Page in the credits scene for the past two seasons 

After starring in nearly two seasons of the show, the actor came out as trans in 2020. As a kind gesture to the actor, the writers of The Umbrella Academy wrote his transition in his onscreen character as well. The new season introduces us to a newly transitioned Viktor Hargreeves. However, few viewers noticed the changes Netflix made in the previous seasons after the actor came out. The credits in the previous seasons now display his new name, Elliot Page. The streamer has removed the dead name, Ellen Page. 

They took to Twitter to appreciate Netflix’s touching gesture. 

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The Umbrella Academy deftly handled Page’s transition 

Page’s character comes out as a trans in episode 2 of the third season of The Umbrella Academy. Instead of making it the central narrative, Steve Blackman, the creator, wanted to create a real and sensitive moment in the show. 

Steve had collaborated with trans author and writer Thomas McBee to flesh out the character. 

We just wanted to be a beautiful moment that was sensitive, that was real and you know, in a world where there’s so much, you know, anti-trans (rhetoric) that we really wanted to tell a pro-Trans story, but it was totally collaborative right through,said Steve. 

Page, while appearing on Late Night With Seth Myers, also mentioned that he was actively involved in the process as well.

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