‘Echoes’ Showrunner Explains The Biggest Twist And What Happens In The Final Episode

‘Echoes’ Showrunner Explains The Biggest Twist And What Happens In The Final Episode

You would have met many identical twins in your life who completely boggle your mind as one can not know who is who. Except them! Netflix’s new thriller mystery Echoes is the menacing story of twin sisters. Michelle Monaghan has played the role of Leni and Gina, who have been switching places their whole life. Shockingly, they do not even leave their married lives out of this messed-up pact made by sisters in childhood, as they seem perfectly fine with exchanging their identities every year on their birthday.

Well, many might feel that the miniseries is full of creepiness, but it holds much more dangerous revelation than one can imagine. As a result, the showrunner of the series came forward to break down the biggest twist in the culminating episode of the show. Let’s see how Brian Yorkey cleared up some air on the topsy turvy events of Echoes.

The illusion of death in the last episode of Echoes is finally resolved

The mystery drama Echoes of 7 episodes dropped on August 19 on Netflix. This miniseries is full of gripping secrets, twists, and surprises that take two twins towards a wild ending. Leni and Gina have been swapping places, but the troubles knock on their door when one of them goes missing.

However, the final episode reveals that Gina, who is currently living as Leni, tries to escape this mortifying condition. And also her oppressive sister Lena who has been controlling her life for many years. Soon, viewers see that in a raging moment of argument, Gina jumps off the cliff.

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After the incident, Leni leaves for Australia while her sister’s body is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, in the last scene of the series, a disguised woman asks Charlie about his dead wife. And when he reaches his home, he finds a woman waiting for him there and is left confused about which twin it is.

Explaining the mystery of the death in the last episode, co-showrunner Brian Yorkey revealed to TheWrap that the woman who came to the book store was Gina. He stated:

“[We made a decision] for Michelle’s sake, and for the sake of, you know, the production team, Roland, our awesome costumer. So Gina is at the book reading… It’s Leni with Charlie at the end.”

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The seemingly simple story turned out to be deeply exhilarating in the end, as we now know that Charlie ended up with Leni. Do you think there will be another season of Echoes? Would you like to see the building grudge between sisters? Share your views with us in the comment box!

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