From the Creators of ’13 Reasons Why’, Here Comes Another Mysterious Story About a Women’s Death, ‘Echoes’ on Netflix

From the Creators of ’13 Reasons Why’, Here Comes Another Mysterious Story About a Women’s Death, ‘Echoes’ on Netflix

Mystery as a genre never fails to pique the interest of the audience. The set-up, build-up, misdirect, and reveal with a satisfying pay-off; what’s not to love? Add to that, twins who engage in a Prestige-style life swapping, until one of them goes missing? Color us intrigued. A well-told mystery gets the viewer heavily invested in the world and the plight of the characters. Echoes, Netflix Miniseries promises to do just that.

What is Echoes Netflix about?

According to the official synopsis on Netflix, Echoes is about “Identical twins Leni and Gina have secretly switched places for years. But when one sister disappears, both of their lives start to fall apart.” By the looks of it, the sisters have been leading double lives by sharing two homes, two spouses, and even a child.

Recently, Michelle Monaghan, the main protagonist of the show, took to Twitter and uploaded a trailer for the upcoming mystery series. Starring as twins, Leni and Gina, her caption reassures the audience of her double role. “Nope, it’s not just you- you are seeing two!

The trailer opens with the twin sisters facing each other, almost mirroring one another under the amber lighting of candles with eerie, ominous music playing in the background. After wishing each other a “Happy Birthday”, they both exclaim, “Another year, ” effectively setting up the thriller. The clip immediately cuts to Leni being missing, and her twin Gina (Michelle Monaghan again), along with Jack Beck (Matt Bomer) struggling to find her.

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What connects the mini-series with 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why was one of Netflix’s flagship shows at the time of its release and throughout its run time. Despite some controversies and backlash over the declining storyline towards the end, the show did very well on the platform. It also has a dedicated fan following. From the same Pulitzer Prize-winning showrunner, Brian Yorkey, Echoes, a new show by Netflix will stream on the platform on August 19.

Along with Brian Yorkey (13 Reasons Why), the creative team of the 7-episode-long Echoes will include Australian writer Vanessa Gazy known for Eden along with Quentin Peeples, the showrunner of Runaways. “I’m so excited to be embarking on Echoes with Quinton, Vanessa, Imogen, and the Netflix team—and I’m eagerly looking forward to what I hope will be many more years of making cool stuff with Netflix.” reveals creator Brian Yorkey.

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Vanessa Gazy, also really excited about her involvement with the project, shared her story. “My journey with Echoes started with an Australian initiative led by Executive Producer Imogen Banks to nurture new female voices in television – and now here we are at Netflix!

Are you looking forward to unfolding the fate of Leni? Let us know your thoughts about the trailer.

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