“Do whatever you enjoy…” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About Using Lighter Weights and How They Can Help Gain Weight

“Do whatever you enjoy…” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About Using Lighter Weights and How They Can Help Gain Weight

Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for so many things. He is an actor, a bodybuilder, a former politician, and a successful businessman. However, he began his career with bodybuilding, and that’s how he found success in his career. He entered and won many such competitions in his early years and owes a huge share of his fame to bodybuilding.


Schwarzenegger often opens up about his bodybuilding secrets and gives tips to his fans. This time, he has come up with something new that might be beneficial to a wide range of people. Recently, he shared a new method by which lighter weights will help people to gain muscles.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger shared an easy trick for more gains

Even at the age of 75, Schwarzenegger is quite active and aware of the benefits of being physically fit. He keeps up with his fans as well as those who are passionate about bodybuilding just like he is. As per Men’s Health, he recently cleared a huge myth about lifting heavy weights. Plenty of people think that lifting heavy weights is better to make muscles and the body gain strength quickly.

However, Schwarzenegger has cleared up this myth by giving the example of his idol, Eugen Sandow. Remembering him, he said that it was Sandow who helped popularize strength sports at the beginning of the 20th century. Talking about Sandow, the Predator actor said that he was the strongest man on earth and it was his body that got him famous.

One more thing that he was quite famous for was doing 125 reps, however, the twist was that dumbbells are extremely light weighted. “If little weights make you happy, you’ve got good company! Do whatever you enjoy that makes you train,” he said.

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Overall, his point was that limiting your body to a specific set of reps or sets will help it grow. Unnecessarily doing more and more reps without any limit will not do any good. He very cleverly said that there is an “art and science” related to the training and the intensity will define one’s outcome.

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