Do Fan Expectations Make Jane Austen Adaptations Like Persuasion Hard To Make?

Do Fan Expectations Make Jane Austen Adaptations Like Persuasion Hard To Make?

After the disastrous reception of the most awaited adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Fans complained about the lost charm of the writer’s soulful depictions in the novel. As many viewers said that the author would have felt betrayed seeing this modernized version of the story. Because her last novel is the most complex and subtle workpiece that took a special place in readers’ hearts. Now watching characters isolated from their paths left fans exasperated.

Even though the movie featured renowned faces like Dakota Johnson and Henry Goulding. Whereas it’s not just entirely the creators’ mistake but also the high bar of expectations Austen fans set. And this is one of the main reasons that the movie didn’t receive positive remarks.

The preset opinions of fans affected the image of Netflix’s Persuasion 

The novels by Jane Austen hold the same relevance in people’s lives as they did in the last two centuries. Because her books have become a legacy of pursuit, romance, and social commentary. And people have made countless television and film productions on them. So eventually it turns out more challenging for modern creators to weave the story correctly. As viewers expect the same authenticity that Jane Austen embedded in the layers of her writings.

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Moreover, Persuasion presented Anne Elliot as a reserved, gentle, and melancholic who regrets that she rejected him years ago. Whereas in the movie we saw a new Anne who isn’t affected by the loss and keeps mocking people around her. Owing to the fact that sometimes she laments lying in her bed and the next moment she is playing with her nephews telling them about the gallant captain. 

Therefore, this made fans say that the characters are completely unaligned or unconnected from their origin and were just a bunch of superficial people roaming around. Since Anne Elliot was not the heroine of her story she was more of a supporting role in her family as the novel interprets.

Like the New York Times said, no adaptation can satisfy the soul of viewers or match what Austen has penned down. Unfortunately, we live in a different world and it takes a whole lot of imagination to understand the situations that her characters lived in.

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But there are still some good movies that Austen fans would love to watch that will make your heart go melt. Including Pride and Prejudice (2005) starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. The good news is this movie is available on Netflix so go get a heartful of romance and love in the world of courtesy and traditions.

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