Unsure About Dakota Johnson, Jane Austen Devotees Express Apprehensions on Netflix’s ‘Persuasion’ Adaptation

Unsure About Dakota Johnson, Jane Austen Devotees Express Apprehensions on Netflix’s ‘Persuasion’ Adaptation

Any Jane Austen fan would be delighted to see one of her novels turned into a film. But some Jane Austen fans are not happy about the modern adaptation of her final novel Persuasion. the movie is going to be released on July 15th, but till then, Jane Austen devotees have expressed apprehensions about the remaking of the novel.

A renowned American actor, Dakota Johnson, will portray the main character, Anne Elliot. She meets the love of her life after several years and now must decide what she wants. Anne is intelligent, funny, and, most importantly, has a layered personality. She has more to her than just her charm and fun personality. And the Austen fans feel that Dakota is not the right choice.

Jane Austen devotees express apprehensions about modernizing Persuasion

Every Jane Austen lover would know that she was/is famous for the descriptions and for bringing out the inner personality of the characters. They are making a direct comparison of Dakota with Anne in the book. Fans are not sure if the creators of the movie have understood the true essence of the character.

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On Reddit, recently there was a discussion about the same. Austen lovers express apprehensions about the remaking of the classic novel Persuasion. Fans think that Dakota’s external appearance is good, but the character as per the book is not as attractive. Therefore, it is a mistake to cast Dakota Johnson.

One of them is in favor of the 1995 version starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds, as it was perfection.

Both the main characters in the book don’t know what the other is doing for the past 8 years. The readers have to go back and forth to keep track. There is a huge gap between these two. Fans are not sure if the modern version of the Persuasion adaptation could quite capture that gap.

The other one supported this idea and says that the tension between these two was because they couldn’t speak to each other. They are not sure if the modern movie could capture that essence of the theme.

Even though there have been many film adaptations of classic novels before, Jane Austen devotees are not sure if the creator has got the idea of the character. This whole discussion represents apprehension as they don’t want anyone to ruin their favorite classic. What do you have to say about it? Are you also a Jane Austen fan?

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