Did You Know Kanye West Paid a Visit to ‘Rick and Morty’ Writers’ Room Thanks to His Buddy Justin Roiland?

Did You Know Kanye West Paid a Visit to ‘Rick and Morty’ Writers’ Room Thanks to His Buddy Justin Roiland?

It is no secret that Kanye West is a fan of Rick and Morty. The Donda singer has always managed to penetrate different horizons of the entertainment industry. Perhaps a world of crazy ideas and different realities is something that fascinates the entertainer, like a million other fans. Moreover, he is also known for making complex music with layers to it.

Justin Roiland and Don Harmon created the animation, and it quickly became a favorite amongst adults. Unlike typical animations, Rick and Morty is known for its complex plot and unimaginably crazy episodes. A lot of credit also goes to the writers of the show. Visiting them once was Kanye West, who is friends with Roiland.

What happened when the writers of Rick and Morty got a surprise visit from Kanye West?

While Kanye West is usually seen as a critic of things, he has remained a loyal fan of Rick and Morty. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Kanye West was one of the celebrities who visited the writer’s room of the show. He is friends with the creator Justin Roiland. Other people in the past that visited the show were members of Impractical Jokers and famed adult film actress Riley Reid. In fact, Ye was offered to write and cast in one entire episode. He reportedly had a four-hour conversation with the entire crew, going into specific details as well.

Although the speculation of his own episode continued, it never came into reality. Ye admired the show for showing how everyone thinks they are the smartest person in the room. Celebrities’ guest starring in animations always create a buzz. Previously Jordan Peele, John Oliver, Jeffrey Wright, etc have previously guest-starred on the show.

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Currently, both Roiland and West are facing troubles over their share of controversies. While Ye makes headlines for new statements every week, the cast and crew of Adult Swim have accused Roiland of several misbehaviors. Meanwhile, the last time the creators were asked for an update, they cleared that the episode offer still remains open for Ye.

Would you ever like to see Kanye West collaborate with Rick and Morty to create an episode? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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