Remember The Time When Kanye West Was Barred from the Grammy’s Over a Comment About Trevor Noah?

Remember The Time When Kanye West Was Barred from the Grammy’s Over a Comment About Trevor Noah?

Kanye West may be a well-loved artist, but he has also faced the consequences of his controversial comments. The Donda singer is world famous and is known for having an amazing stage presence. But since celebrities can be influential, it becomes important to ensure that the message they give out is appropriate as well.

Now, Ye is someone who has had some moments of saying the wrong things. While he practiced and is sometimes even credited for his freedom of speech, the singer faced the consequences of his comments when it came to his career. He was once banned from performing at the Grammys before his visible absence in this year’s musical award show.

Why was Kanye West banned from the Grammys?

There are times when award shows need to decide between an entertaining artist versus a noncontroversial one. Grammys was stern on which side to choose when they banned Kanye West from performing back in April 2022. As per Variety, the singer was banned from performing on the Award night due to his controversial comments. He apparently used a racial slur against stand-up comedian and host Trevor Noah. The comment came in as a response to Noah criticizing Ye over his behavior. The singer’s team was the one that received a call stating that he has been removed from the lineup because of his online activities. Apparently, the team was not very surprised by the outcome.

One of the main reasons for banning him was also the risk factor. Ye had previously gone off script and started making political or risky comments. He previously did it not only during his own concert but also when he criticized George Bush on live TV and began a rant on SNL in 2005.

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BTS, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas, and Brandi Carlile were some of the artists that performed that night. Noah also touched on this topic hilariously by later saying he wants to have Kanye West counseled, not canceled. Although Ye was canceled from performing, he had five nominations for the Grammy. It will be seen if the Donda singer ever manages to come out of the situation and perform at the biggest night of music.

What do you feel about Kanye West being banned from performing in Grammy’s due to his statements? Comment your thoughts.

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