Did You Know Kanye West Once Compared Himself to Albert Einstein?

Did You Know Kanye West Once Compared Himself to Albert Einstein?

Over the years, a plethora of artists have tried luck in the hip hop industry. However, only a handful number of rappers have made it as far as Kanye West. Apart from being an incredible rapper, he is also a very influential musician. The Flashing Lights hitmaker has inspired tons of individuals worldwide, including big names such as Drake. While the rapper has always been very creative about his art, he once turned a few heads with his lyrics.

Kanye West has given some of the most memorable songs and albums to the audience throughout his career. Irrespective of the controversies that surround the rapper, he has inspired people with his music. Even though Ye is an iconic musician, do you think he is a genius like Albert Einstein? Well, even if you disagree, the rapper once mentioned himself in the same line as the theoretical physicist in one of his songs.

When Kanye West mentioned Albert Einstein in his song

The year 2016 was one of the most exciting years for hip-hop fans around the world. We saw the release of some of the greatest hip-hop albums by our favorite artists. It was also the year when Kanye West hosted the world’s largest album listening party in Madison Garden. Following the event, he played an untitled track with a peculiar title, “Closest Thing To Einstein” during a VIP party at 10AK Los Angeles. In the track, the Chicago rapper went on to compare himself to Albert Einstein.

Ye rapped, This generation’s closest thing to Einstein / So don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” Furthermore, West went on as he even went on to draw parallels with legendary singer Michael Jackson, reported Billboard. The Heartless hitmaker in his lyrics mentioned, “Modern-day MJ with an Off The Wall flow.” Apart from the West, the seven-minute-long track also featured collaborator Sampha. West later versed the lyrics on the song titled Saint Pablo on his seventh studio album The Life Of Pablo.

While the audio quality of the track was low, West even addressed his then financial situation and the Twitter tirade on the song. Elsewhere, the Fade hitmaker even took a dig at Taylor Swift. He revealed that he gave Swift the heads up about his lyrics featuring the singer’s name on the song Famous. However, as per West, Swift went on to say something completely different after her Grammy win. The 30 Hours hitmaker went on to say, “She not cool no more.” This narrative was later proved wrong afterwards when the recording of their call was leaked.

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