Lil Yachty “fried” Kanye West With THIS Remark

Lil Yachty “fried” Kanye West With THIS Remark

Lil Yachty had a rather funny comment on fellow artist Kanye West. The Donda singer has been in the industry for nearly two decades now. Having collaborated for music with various musicians through time, as well as being appreciated by them for his talents. But while he is considered a creative genius, he has also become infamous for his controversies since the beginning.

Although his opinions seem to have become more controversial in the last couple of months, he is being criticized by people who were once his allies. Recently, it was rapper Lil Yachty who had something rather brief and hilarious to say about Kanye West.

Lil Yachty’s hilarious comment on Kanye West over his controversial rows

Lil Yachty was rather frank when expressing his feeling about West. FullSendPodcast uploaded a video of an interview with Lil Yachty where the host Kyle Forgeard touched on the topic of Kanye West. The host asked the rapper about his opinion of the Gold Digger singer, to which he replied, “He’s fried.”

Everyone burst into laughter, after which Forgeard explained how Ye had been banned from almost everywhere, including mainstream media, to collaborate with fashion houses. But the Poland rapper also clarified by giving a ‘shoutout’ to the Jewish community.

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After all, it was Ye’s anti-semitic remarks that largely distanced him from everyone, including old friends in the industry. But it was West that wanted to sign Lil Yachty while they were young. They even released their song Ok Ok together for the  Donda album in 2021.

The singer himself is just 25 years old and found fame quickly with his 2015 single One Night and Minnesota. Both artists were also born and bred in Atlanta, Georgia. Ye apparently cared well for the young artist. But Ye tweeted “Deathcon 3 for Jewish people” and praised Hitler in recent times. He also commented on Black Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks.

While fans continue to praise his music, his opinions have made it difficult for any artist to take his side. It is to be seen if Lil Yachty will also collaborate with the rapper again. What do you think of the Lil Boat singer’s opinion of West? Comment your thoughts.


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