Did You Know Henry Cavill Almost Gave Up on Acting to Follow THIS Surprising Career Due to a Wild Reason

Did You Know Henry Cavill Almost Gave Up on Acting to Follow THIS Surprising Career Due to a Wild Reason

Henry Cavill almost gave up his career once. Well, how would you feel when whatever you are doing doesn’t work out for you? How would you feel when, in order to achieve your dream, you do everything, but it just doesn’t seem possible? That is how he felt initially in his career. Almost giving up on his career, he thought about pursuing an alternate career that would also blow your mind.

Recently, the British actor went through a rough time in his professional life. He dropped out of two of his major career-boosting roles. After exiting from The Witcher as Geralt of Rivia, the actor had to put down his iconic cape of Superman, too. However, he raised above the disappointing setbacks by joining his passion project of creating a live-action adaptation of Warhammer 40,000. Well, if he had given up and pursued an alternative career, we wouldn’t have the world’s second-most handsome man alive among us.

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Henry Cavill almost left Hollywood to be a hero somewhere else

We all have an alternate plan in our lives. And so did Cavill. Do you remember he once talked about how he got rejected for playing James Bond? Well, it was around that time when the actor was trying to catch a big break for his career. It just wasn’t working out for him. His films consecutively failed and, ultimately, he decided to quit. As reported by FandomWire, he revealed, “There were plenty of times I thought it wouldn’t happen.”

Thinking about back-to-back setbacks, the actor said he reached a point when he thought if this next movie wouldn’t do well, he would join the Armed Forces. Just imagine Henry Cavill in the Army uniform! Yes, it would have been great, too. But then we wouldn’t have gotten the greatest Superman or an amazingly strong Geralt of Rivia. Despite the setbacks, the actor didn’t give up and continued to turn his dream into reality.

His fans would be glad to know one of the people who gave him strength during times like this was the Professor from the X-Men series, Patrick Stewart. Though the 39-year-old didn’t get to play James Bond, his fans would see him in a Bond-like role in The Man from U.N.C.L.E 2. 

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We would also possibly see the actor in more of Enola Holmes films slaying the character of Sherlock Holmes. And of course, we have an exciting Warhammer 40,000 series, too. While everyone awaits the next big project of The Tudors actor, share your favorite Henry Cavill character in the comment box below.

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