Did Will Smith Die in ‘I Am Legend’? How Can He Be a Part of the Sequel?

Did Will Smith Die in ‘I Am Legend’? How Can He Be a Part of the Sequel?

Will Smith is ready to reprise his role in the zombie horror franchise, I am Legend. Based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel, this movie is once again returning to sneak into the viewers’ dreams at night and replay all those horrific scenes. The first chapter was already a masterpiece that made viewers confront a pandemic that no one might have ever imagined before. The fans saw this legendary actor strolling with his gun on the deserted streets of New York. And if one has watched the movie one might be wondering did the actor die in it? And if he did, how a dead character can make it back to the sequel?

Yes, we know this question would have struck fans’ minds like a thousand times till now, so let’s see what is the truth.

Did Will Smith actually die in I am legend? 

One might remember the heart-wrenching ending of I am Legend when Will Smith sacrificed his life. The viewers saw that Robert Neville drew the curing blood and handed it over to Anna and his son. Meanwhile, he also asked them to hide in a coal chute to save their lives.

Moreover, after confirming that he had saved humanity from the dooming apocalypse, he got ready for his death. The brave protagonist opened a grenade and jumped right into the hoard of Darkseekers. Therefore, he got blown up into pieces and met a horrible death at the end of the film.

For people who have read the novel, it is undeniable that this closure was unsatisfying. Since the alternative ending depicted that, Neville survived and left New York with the other characters.

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What do you need to know about I am legend 2? 

According to The Direct, I am legend 2 will begin decades after Robert Neville escaped with his comrades. The producer wants fans to ignore the ending of the first chapter and believe that he never died. On the other hand, the lead character made a pact with the zombies, who are also searching for a cure.

So they are now going to follow the source story more closely where the dominant pieces on the planet came to an end. Apart from this tease, the creators have kept the details of the storyline under wrap. As for the casting, the Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan is joining alongside Will Smith.

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