Did Two-Women Feud Over Content Become Hostile for Netflix Numbers?

Did Two-Women Feud Over Content Become Hostile for Netflix Numbers?

“All great empires die from within” is a powerful quote that has stood the test of time in terms of relevance. It is indeed the inner bickerings and betrayal that cause an eventual fall of an empire, not its enemies. So it is important to understand that a huge streaming mogul like Netflix could not have been at such a loss just because of stiff competition.

Let us try to find out if there were some internal reasons for Netflix’s substantial loss in the first quarter.

An internal rift may have cost Netflix its revenues

Netflix’s revenues are being impacted by internal strife, according to new reports. Cindy Holland managed content during the company’s first several years. She was reportedly put in a tight place when co-CEO Ted Serandos began favoring another executive in the same role, Bela Bajaria, over her.

Bela has worked on programs including Squid Game, Lupin, and You. While Holland has previously brought in projects like House of Cards and Stranger Things.

According to the same reports, the two Netflix members did not agree on the show The Queen’s Gambit. While Cindy Holland was optimistic about the concept and Bela Bajaria was skeptical.

It is believed that Cindy Holland leaving the company caused a lot of changes. Netflix was a more content-driven company under her. But her tenure in the company had zero cost control, which is a poor business model.

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Cindy’s exit from Netflix may not have been the sole reason for the streaming site’s poor performance in 2022. But it certainly has played a huge role in the recent updates for the OTT platform.

Who is Bela Bajaria?

Bajaria joined Netflix in late 2016. Her responsibilities at the time included leading a team focused on TV and film licensing from American studios, as well as co-production connections with American networks. Because her function was wholly different from that of the head of originals Holland, Bajaria reported directly to Sarandos.

She switched to a new job supervising scripted and unscripted shows in virtually all of Netflix‘s platform in March 2019, as local-language content became a growing area for the company.

Do you think this rift between Holland and Bajaria was a reason for Netflix’s loss of revenue in 2022? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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