Should Netflix Bring In the Conventional Form of Experience With Theatrical Releases as a Remedy to the Losses?

Should Netflix Bring In the Conventional Form of Experience With Theatrical Releases as a Remedy to the Losses?

There is nothing in this world that is constant except for change. Throughout the entire history of humanity, we have seen land shifting changes in things we thought to be something that will forever stay in the state they were in. And that is the very thing that was suggested that may happen with Netflix and its model to never have theatrical releases of its movies. Ahead of the much-anticipated CinemaCon 2022, there is an idea going around that the streaming giant might need to make changes in its release policies. But what exactly will these changes be? Let us try to understand.

Will Netflix turn to theatrical releases to pave their way out of the slump and towards a possible CinemaCon entry?

It was during the last year’s CinemaCon in August 2021 when the world thought that this might just be an end for theatrical cinema. As the pandemic was in full swing, many turned to streaming platforms for entertainment and movie releases. A lot of analysts from the media and entertainment industry questioned if the theatrical experience will ever even have the chance to get back to its original might.

Then came the phenomenon known as Spider-Man: Far From Home, which brought together three generations of audiences and also the big bucks to theaters. Sony and Marvel’s movie became one of the top-grossing movies of all time. And thus, revived the hope for theatres. Now the question is: Can this also help Netflix to do some damage control during a time when it is losing money and subscribers more than ever?

Well, it might just be the answer to saving the streaming giant from seeping in more losses. As it is more than clear, audiences are more than happy to spend money and visit theatres for movies that are worth it. And given that Netflix truly makes some of the very intriguing movies in the industry, it will not be the worst idea to hold limited-time releases for some of these movies.

While this may just be against the very ideology that Netflix has been following ever since day 1, it seems to be something that they can try. After all, it is a business that they are here for.

Tell us, what are your thoughts about this? And will you go watch Netflix content in theatres if they release it there for a limited time?

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