Did Queen Consort Camilla Call Meghan Markle a Trouble-Making Minx?

Did Queen Consort Camilla Call Meghan Markle a Trouble-Making Minx?

The tensions between the royal family and Meghan Markle are never-ending. Ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to step down from their royal duties, various experts and royal correspondents are coming up with incidents that suggest differences between the House of Windsor and Sussexes. The royal expert Tom Brower caused controversy earlier this year by suggesting that Camilla referred to Meghan as a minx.

In an interview with The Sun, Brower revealed that Queen Consort was always suspicious of Meghan’s intentions, but she decided to remain tight-lipped and provide all the support and strength to her husband. Camilla was subjected to a lot of flak for her “self-seeking trouble maker” remarks toward the Duchess of Sussex. Is there any truth to the statements by Brower? Royal biographer Angela Levin answers.

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Levin throws light on the Camilla, Meghan Markle, and “minx” controversy

In her new book, Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort, Angela Levin defended Camilla over the remarks by Brower. The royal biographer revealed that the relationship between the Queen Consort and her stepsons and their families is amicable. She further added that it was very much a possibility for the royal members to not see each other for weeks or months due to their packed schedules. 

Referring to the narrative of the newly appointed Queen Consort calling Meghan Markle a minx, Angela reckoned that several palace insiders denied the claims. Camilla is not someone who would express her views about any other member in front of the third person. 

“Several insiders said Camilla wouldn’t and hadn’t ever talked like that about anyone. I was told: ‘It’s not her sort of word and she would never give her views of her in front of anyone,’” wrote Levin in her book as quoted by The News. 

Further, she also clarified Camilla’s stance on Harry and Meghan’s departure from the royal family in January 2022. The Queen Consort was called out for her odd behavior during the entire fiasco. The royal expert offered an explanation over the same saying that Camilla did not wish to talk about the matter openly as her entire concentration was on supporting King Charles III

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