When Meghan Markle Miserably Failed to Pass a Britishness Test, Only to Become a Duchess Later

When Meghan Markle Miserably Failed to Pass a Britishness Test, Only to Become a Duchess Later

Meghan Markle officially entered the royal family in May 2018 following her grand wedding to Prince Harry. Right from the beginning of her relationship, the Duchess of Sussex has maintained that being an American, she had little to no information about the Housse of Windsor. After she started dating Harry, the former actress thoroughly learned about the royal family and its protocol.

Meanwhile, Buckingham palace and Meghan Markle had minimal knowledge about the United Kingdom in general. When the Suits alum was secretly dating the Duke of Sussex in July 2016, she took a Britishness test. Surprisingly, Markle hardly got any answers right. 

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Meghan Markle fails the British quiz

While promoting her show Suits season six, UK Network Dave put Meghan Markle to the test. The hilarious video of over three and half minutes saw Meghan getting almost all the answers wrong. They asked her random facts from the video, inducing the name of the British bear, places, and what American slangs translate to in Britain English. 

One of the highlights of the funny video was Meghan’s epic reactions when she was asked to name the national animals of various countries. When she was told to guess England’s national animal, the actress reckoned, “Am I supposed to know that? She seemed ecstatic after knowing that Scotland had a unicorn as their national animal. Lastly, Meghan had to tell the animal for Wales. And she got that wrong and expressed her confusion, saying, “Are these real right now?

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Towards the end, Meghan acknowledged that she was worst in the Britishness test and lost by a fair margin. Moreover, Meghan never needed to brush up on the national facts related to Britain. The Duchess of Sussex did not apply for citizenship in the United Kingdom.

The former actress was supposed to stay in the country for a minimum of three years, but she, along with the Duke of Sussex and their children Archie and Lilibet, shifted to California in 2020. 

Would you want Meghan and Harry to settle in the United Kingdom along with their children? Also, let us know what you guys think about the Royal couple. Share your views in the comments. 

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