Deep Dive Into Who Is Lester Pocket And The Backstory Of Harlan On ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Deep Dive Into Who Is Lester Pocket And The Backstory Of Harlan On ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Fans enrolled themselves for a roller coaster ride in the new season of The Umbrella Academy. The entry of new characters, changing relationships, and bemused alternative reality enraptured the audience. Although these new things have not only questioned the past of Hargreeves siblings but tested viewers’ keenness, as well because the series has many unexplored subplots that returned this year.

And one of these ringing bells brings forward the name of Lester Pocket, a mysterious elder man introduced in the ‘Meet The Family’ episode, wearing a button-down shirt. His sudden entry in season 3 raised several questions in the minds of the fans. Is Lester hiding something behind his sleek outlook? And what connection does Lester have to the farm boy Harlan? Let’s get to the bottom of this new identity seen in the Sparrow universe.

Everything you need to know about Lester Pocket from season 3

After being puzzled by the hallucination of Footloose Dance Face-off in episode 1, the arrival of Lester was the second surprise for the fans, as they had never seen this man before. Subsequently, it is revealed that Lester Pocket is the fake identity that the old man is using to hide. He is Harlan Cooper, son of Sissy Cooper from the Texas farm. The story traces back to 1963 when Viktor met his mother and fell in love.

In the same season, Viktor saves her son Harlan from drowning. However, in an attempt to save his life, some of Viktor’s powers get transferred to Harlan. And thus, the boy now had unstabilized powers just like Viktor. Despite Viktor’s efforts to take back all the powers, some strings remain attached. We saw Harlan flying a paper bird in the final scene of season 2 when he was leaving Texas with Sissy.

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What made Harlan disguise himself after season 2 of The Umbrella Academy?

The chapter of Harlan’s life remained unresolved after he had all those superpowers running in his veins. Because the story moved so rapidly in time, fans didn’t give much attention to him. But he came back to meet Viktor after six decades when Sparrows and Umbrellas face each other in an alternative existence. Therefore, season 3 depicted his backstory that Sissy and Harlan remained hidden for years after Viktor left them.

After Sissy’s death, he all alone and when he tried to reach Viktor, a massive disaster took place. He felt the thoughts of Mothers who gave birth to these supernatural babies in 1989. Consequently, when these voices overpowered his mind, he accidentally killed them all, creating this messy timeline in which the Umbrellas dropped into because now no one can return to their realities.

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Although after suffering for many years in The Umbrella Academy, Harlan met his destiny when he returned all the power to Viktor. This is how season 3 ends, with more chaos and an unpredictable future. If you haven’t watched the new season yet you can stream it only on Netflix.

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