“It was really wild”: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Cast Reveal What Went Behind The Scenes Of Filming ‘Footloose’ For Season 3

“It was really wild”: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Cast Reveal What Went Behind The Scenes Of Filming ‘Footloose’ For Season 3

The beginning of the first episode from The Umbrella Academy was so exhilarating and mysterious that it charged up the whole new settings of season 3. Fans might not have felt so refreshed and escalated in a long time however this season made unexpected things possible. As it came with so many surprises from a new powerful superhero family to the comeback of Sir Reginald’s character. This was shocking for both characters and viewers because Hargreeves’ siblings got dropped into a different reality. 

Although the heating dance face-off between Umbrella heroes and Sparrow kids was a hallucination created in Diego’s mind by Jayme. But it took real training and long hours of dancing practice to bring this imaginary dance competition onscreen. Come check out some behind-the-curtain exclusives and studio clips where all the actors were practicing this fascinating contention. 

Superhero cast of The Umbrella Academy season 3 swirling on John Higginbotham’s tunes

In a recent behind-the-scenes video uploaded by Netflix on YouTube, we saw actors tapping the floor. With ongoing preparations, actors’ opinions, and choreography we got a detailed account of the dance-off. Being one of the best scenes from season 3 this breakdown was much satisfactory for viewers. As we all were left laughing after watching this hilarious confrontation in episode 1. 

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Elliot Page portraying the character of Viktor said that the whole cast has worked hard for this scene. He felt excited to see the whole rehearsal thing into an act and found it amazing. However, Justin Cornwall aka Marcus was surprised to read this dancing script. Where Sparrow Academy and Umbrella Academy are against each other on the dancing grounds. 

On the other hand, Genesis Rodriguez stated: “There is no way hell. I’m gonna get through this”. As she was not a good dancer and thanked John for being a supportive choreographer. Also, they did the rehearsals on Zoom meetings first and then they met later on the set.

As Alphonso (Jake Epstein) said:

“It was really wild. Meeting a group of people and the first thing you have to do, is do line dancing together.” 

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All the cast members were happy to do this Footloose dance scene as it was a fun experience for them. Tuning and tapping on the floor with their co-actors was just mesmerizing. If you want to know more about this scene take a look at the full video given below. 

All the seasons of The Umbrella Academy are currently streaming on Netflix.

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