DC Comics Writer Dan Jurgens Is Thrilled at Henry Cavill’s “stunningly good” Return as Superman

DC Comics Writer Dan Jurgens Is Thrilled at Henry Cavill’s “stunningly good” Return as Superman

Henry Cavill has been a part of the entertainment industry ever since his 2001 film Laguna. However, it was not until 2013’s Man of Steel that the British actor truly made his mark. The rest, as they say, is history. Ever since Cavill donned the red cape and became the son of Krypton, projects started flooding in. Today, the actor has an impeccable roster of diverse projects under his belt.

From Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher to the master detective Sherlock in Enola Holmes, Henry Cavill has embodied many popular literary and pop cultural characters. Despite his involvement in several successful franchises, his most iconic role still remains that of Superman.

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Dan Jurgens cannot contain his excitement since Henry Cavill is back as Superman

Henry Cavill‘s portrayal of Superman was so good, convincing, and well-loved that he became synonymous with the character. No wonder fans all over the world were heartbroken when he disappeared from DCEU after the 2017 Justice League. As his absence grew longer and rumors of him jumping ship to Marvel started doing the rounds, the audience was on the verge of losing hope. Finally, after years of anticipation and much speculation, Cavill has made his way back to the red and blue suit.

Apart from the fans, another person absolutely overjoyed with this news is Dan Jurgens. Hailing from DC comics, Jurgens is a writer and one of the leading names responsible for the Death of Superman narrative arc from DC. In fact, the classic story was the inspiration for Cavill’s black suit in the Snyderverse films; Batman vs Superman and Justice League (Snyder cut). Commemorating the 30th anniversary of Death of Superman, Jurgens expressed his delight over Henry Cavill’s glorious return on the ComicBook Nation Show.

I think it’s stunning. And by that I mean: stunningly good,” exclaimed the author.

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He further illustrated why Cavill is the ultimate Superman for the movies. He broke down his reasons, drawing parallels to his thought process while he drew the character.

One the things I talk about is Superman having a certain sense of presence on the page–that if he’s in a room with the Justice League, he should be a figure of attention,” stated Jurgens.

According to him, the Man of Steel should possess a “kind sense of nobility,” but it should not appear forced or put on. He believed that The Witcher actor embodies that nuance perfectly and in a “natural way”.

Just like Dan Jurgens, we absolutely cannot wait to see more of Henry Cavill as Superman. What do you think is in store for the son of Krypton’s future? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, you can watch Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix for some extra Cavill goodness.

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