Is Henry Cavill’s Superman Getting a TV Series Instead of a Movie? The British Actor Reveals

Is Henry Cavill’s Superman Getting a TV Series Instead of a Movie? The British Actor Reveals

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill finally came out wearing his cape and shiny blue suit in Black Adam after many years. His fleeting appearance in the end-credit scene of the superhero film made fans go crazy. Well, the credit certainly goes to the Jumanji star Dwayne Johnson for he made Warner Bros agree to revive the fan-favorite character.

Apart from that, the bigger surprise that came out recently is The Witcher actor will make a long-awaited return to the franchise. As the actor teased fans that they will again get to see him on-screen in the image of the iconic superhero. Is Henry Cavill’s Superman getting a TV series instead of a movie? The British actor reveals.

Henry Cavill opens up about his highly anticipated role of Superman

Henry Cavill recently made his red carpet debut with his girlfriend for the upcoming movie Enola Holmes 2. The premiere took place on Thursday at The Paris Theatre in New York City where he proudly walked with Natalie Viscuso. During a chit-chat with Entertainment Tonight on the beautiful evening, he talked about the future of his Superman.

ET’s Rachel Smith asked the actor about his vision for the character and if he sees that future to be in a movie or a series. In his answer Cavill smartly replied that he only wishes for three things: hopes, optimism, and joy. “Right now I can’t really talk about anything,” remarked Enola Holmes 2 star.

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The British actor also talked about returning to the rule of Superman on Live Kelly and Ryan show. The 39-year-old star shared how despite there being murmurs about his character, he cannot reveal anything at the moment. The secrecy remains around his cameo in the DC movie is a mystery for fans since we don’t know what huge two powerful characters would bring on the table.

Meanwhile, fans were happy to see the lovebirds on Enola Holmes 2 premiere smiling at each other. The couple looked dapper as Henry Cavill wrapped his arms around his girlfriend’s waist the whole evening.

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