Watch: Henry Cavill And Millie Bobby Brown as The Detective Holmes Duo Unfold The World’s Greatest Mysteries Ever

Watch: Henry Cavill And Millie Bobby Brown as The Detective Holmes Duo Unfold The World’s Greatest Mysteries Ever

The latest updates and sneak peeks into the upcoming Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill movie, Enola Holmes 2 have started to make noise. As we inch closer to the release date, speculations around the same have grown more intense than ever. Keeping up with the hype, both the British A-listers sat together to break through some mystery, only this time, in real life. 

A few hours ago, both co-stars joined Still Watching Netflix with their amazing sibling energy. While Millie was all excited and over the moon to do the same, Henry retained the big brother’s calm and serious gesture to answer a few questions. However, both of them were on the verge of bursting into laughter at any moment. Here is what they said. 

Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown break down the toughest mysteries of all times 

The detective duo of the Holmes clan started by answering what can be called the most hilarious question of all time. Answering which way a dog would wear its pants, Henry giving into his Sherlock’s character had a more logical approach to the question. While Millie just gave in to Enola’s instinctive way of unraveling the question. 

Following this, there was a question that no one had heard before. It even shocked the Stranger Things star she exclaimed her amazement right when she saw it. Mystery #2 asked the question if the world has more doors or wheels. Our younger Holmes decided to take on the case as she rightfully justified her opinion. Big brother just gave it a thought and agreed with his sister coming with Wheels, as the answer. Although he did not seem quite sure of it. 

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The third mystery gave us a short bit from the upcoming movie where Enola is helping her brother with the stairs as the latter is in an obnoxious state. Speaking about steps, the third question asked if one can stand backward on a staircase. Both the detectives seemed to be quite confused about the same but they somehow solved it. 

They went on to answer four more such questions out of which one was the most legitimate and most debated to date. The fifth mystery tested the Holmes siblings for their reasoning skills behind figuring out who came first. The egg or the chicken? Explaining the process of evolution, Henry, or more appropriately, Sherlock answered it was the egg. 

So that was it, folks. We finally got the answer to the chicken-egg question, or at least the movie freaks got it. However, this was nothing compared to the mind-boggling mysteries they will be unraveling in near future. Are you all excited about it?

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