Daniel Radcliffe Looks Astounding as a Hugh Jackman Replacement as Wolverine in This Crazy Fan-Art

Daniel Radcliffe Looks Astounding as a Hugh Jackman Replacement as Wolverine in This Crazy Fan-Art

If fans love a specific character, they give their everything to it. For instance, fans love Henry Cavill’s Superman and, thus, they religiously follow the actor and the character as well. In the same way, Wolverine, portrayed by Hugh Jackman from the X-Men series, has a huge fan base globally. Therefore, when they got the news about Jackman reprising the role in Deadpool 3, they just could not hold their excitement. But turns out there could be a replacement in cards for the Australian.

What if you get to know there could be more than one Wolverine? While fans are excited about the 54-year-old actor, they also want the Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, to play the character. Do you remember when Sandra Bullock also expressed her wish for Radcliffe to be Wolverine? Fans give everything for the love of their favorite character. A fan artist named BossLogic tried his hands at portraying how the Harry Potter star would look like Wolverine.

For those who were wondering about how the actor would look like the Marvel character, here is an idea for them. The artist has done a fantastic job. If you look a little closer, you could see the signature scar on the head. And if you look a little more closely, you could see the shining adamantium skeleton. In the previous Wolverine films, we have only seen the metal claws of the character. How much fun and exciting it would be to have Wolverine made of adamantium entirely!

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Although fans are wondering if the 33-year-old actor has what it takes to be the action hero. Here is what Hugh Jackman has been doing to prepare for his character.

Hugh Jackman is getting Wolverine ready for Deadpool 3

While it’s exciting for the fandom, the actor has to do a lot more to come back as the iconic character. The Fountain actor has been training hard for being physically strong for his role. Meanwhile, he has been also following a healthy habit of eating. Do you remember, the Australian actor hinted at more than one Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool movie? Well, if that is true, Radcliffe has a chance to star in the film.

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Would you like to see Radcliffe as Wolverine? Do you think he is the best fit for the character? Share your opinions with us in the comment box below.

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