Cuteness Alert! Andrew Garfield Continues History of Flirting With Amelia Dimoldenberg at Golden Globes

Cuteness Alert! Andrew Garfield Continues History of Flirting With Amelia Dimoldenberg at Golden Globes

Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg’s interaction at the Golden Globes is delightfully chaotic. They are the perfect example of what happens when an Aquarian and a Leo interact. And no, we are not the only ones stressing about star signs. Even Garfield seems to think so! 

The last time the duo met was on GQ’s Men of the Year awards’ red carpet. Fans found their interaction quite cute with the actor, complimenting her and all. Meanwhile, this time as well, they got along really well, with the Spiderman playing extremely coy the whole time.

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Andrew Garfield and Amelia are all giggles at the red carpet 

Amelia was the official red carpet reporter for the Golden Globes this year and Andrew Garfield was there at the event because of his Best Actor nomination for Under the Banner of Heaven. The duo bumped into each other on the red carpet for a quick interview and quickly collapsed into fits of giggles. The Social Network star told her coyly, “I only ever want to see you” only to burst her bubble and tell her in situations like these.

However, he was also quick to stress the compatibility of their star signs. Garfield is a Leo and Amelia is an Aquarian, which means they match well. However, he was determined not to “explore” it because he was not ready for “that kind of thing.” The Chicken Shop Date star fired back that the actor is ‘obsessed’ with her and is ready to explore, which caught the 39-year-old off-guard.

The redhead tried to conduct a serious interview, but the Hollywood star only scoffed at her attempt to ask a serious question. And she was forced to resort back to her ditzy interview persona and ask him about his favorite food. To which he snarkily remarked that his least favorite food was her looking over his shoulder to find the next person to interview.

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Their to-and-fro flirting continued till the end when she asked for an autograph. We don’t know what he wrote, but Amelia Dimoldenberg revealed that it was a best friend certificate.

With that smirk on Garfield’s face, we don’t believe that for one second. Do you? Let us know in the comments. 

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