Cobra Kai’s Peyton List Makes a Suprising Revelation About THIS Form of Dating

Cobra Kai’s Peyton List Makes a Suprising Revelation About THIS Form of Dating

In this modern day and age, celebrities are a huge part of our lives, directly or indirectly. We live in a world where celebrities and stars are always under the radar of newspapers and media publications. We cannot help but find celebrities and actors in the papers and even while surfing online. Whatever they do, say, or even wear comes under the limelight. Even the smallest of their activities is immediately recorded. A similar thing happened with Peyton List. The Cobra Kai actress took a lie detector test during an interview. Moreover, she not only told the truth but also gave her unfiltered opinion on online dating. Let us see what the American actress had to say.

Does Peyton List like online dating?

Recently, Peyton List took a lie detector test with the famous fashion magazine Vanity Fair. In the first batch of questions related to Peyton’s life, the interviewer asked the actress if she was too famous for dating apps. The Cobra Kai actress immediately answered with no. As a follow-up question, the interviewer asked Peyton if she liked dating apps or if she found online dating weird. Peyton took some time and responded, “Yes and no. Cause I know it is normal now, but it is weird for me.”

Previously, List was also kicked off from a dating app. The 24-year-old actress decided to join the app to find love. However, the app removed her account as they thought it was a fraud. So maybe we know why she finds dating apps weird.

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Peyton’s current relationship status

Currently, the Cobra Kai actress is dating her co-star Jacob Bertrand. The rumors of the two dating have been floating around for some time, and now the couple has officially confirmed their relationship. Long-time friends Peyton and Jacob have starred together in several projects in the past.

The couple has starred together as a brother-sister duo in a Disney movie, The Swap, and also worked on a short film together. Moreover, the two also wound up together in Cobra Kai. For now, Peyton and Jacob are set to appear in the upcoming season of the Netflix show, which is due in a couple of days.

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