Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand Confirm Dating Rumors: Another Cobra Kai–Miyagi Do Love Affair Blooms

Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand Confirm Dating Rumors: Another Cobra Kai–Miyagi Do Love Affair Blooms

Star-crossed lovers across two hateful families aren’t uncommon. But taking over the claim for this title are the multiple couples we see in Cobra Kai. However, one pair has managed to bring Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do together in real life. Cobra Kai stars Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand are dating!

Did the two confirm that they are dating?

Both, Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand have confirmed that they are, in fact, dating. In an interaction with TMZ, the two separately talked about the risks of dating their coworker. While List said that she wants to “think of the consequences later.”

Bertrand, on the other hand, mentioned how the two had been dating “for a while”. He even talked about how he has never dated a co-worker before, calling it a “trial by fire.”

The two began seeing other on the sets of Cobra Kai. They had formed a good bond during the shooting of the Netflix Original. The 22-year-old mentioned how he first met her when he was 15. Bertrand is also “tight friends” with List’s brother, Spencer, joking how the awkward ‘I’m dating your sister’ conversation he had with the latter.

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Will we see Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand together on the screens as well?

Now that we are done with facts, this question calls for speculation. With Sam and Miguel coming back together in a more stable manner than they did before, Robby and Tory seem to have hit it off as well. With Moon getting back together with Hawk and even cheering for him at the Tournament, it doesn’t seem likely that the characters Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List play will be dating.

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However, we’re looking forward to more of the couple in future interviews and interactions. Stream Cobra Kai on Netflix!

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