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‘Cobra Kai’ Funny Moments and Quotes From the Series

Cobra Kai is one of the most popular shows on Netflix out there. Unlike most other shows, this one isn’t subject to a lot of criticism. Perhaps one reason for this is that the series doesn’t take itself too seriously. While the fighting sequences and shooting are intense for the actors, Cobra Kai as a show remains funny and lighthearted at its core.

Here are some funny Cobra Kai moments that prove this:

“Ah, you got insurance”

If there’s one thing predictable about this list, it is that everyone knew there was going to be a lot of Johnny in here. William Zabka’s Johnny undoubtedly brings a lot of personality and charisma to the table. One such scene is where Johnny is speeding onto the road with Daniel riding the shotgun. While Johnny is out there driving like a maniac, grooving to Motley Crue’s ‘Kickstart My Heart’, Daniel cannot help but scream in horror. To this, Johnny obviously replies “ah, you got insurance.”

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It’s a Gen Z show, after all.

Was the entire dojo dab the most cringe part of the Netflix Original? Or was it when the kids were doing Fortnite dances at a party? Or, Hawk’s… well, everything—haircut, tattoo, and the change in his personality? The show is known for being satirical at times, lightheartedly mocking Gen Z, their taste in music, and, well, dabs. These scenes pulled these off perfectly, making this generation question themselves.

Johnny and Facebook

How to not get your crush: straight-up send them a friend request instead of hovering on their social media waiting for them to send it, like all of their pictures on their Facebook, and send out a hysterical text in all caps. While Miguel stopped Johnny from committing the third act that would completely butcher his chances of getting Ali back, Johnny promptly checks the first two boxes.

This scene was as funny as it was wholesome as fans watched Johnny and Miguel exchange places as the advice-giver and taker.

Kreese’s reaction to the nerds

John Kreese was never delightful. The man was a terrible sensei and an even worse mentor. He did more than his share of bullying and fans who have seen all of the original Karate Kid films hate the man even more. But his reaction to seeing the nerds with lanky arms and glasses as opposed to the muscular hunks he was used to training was nothing short of the most hilarious scene in the series.

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“Send it to the internet”

You didn’t think we’d miss this, did you? In this episode of Johnny Lawrence And Keeping Up With Technology, we have “put one of those hash browns on it, you know? Like, hash brown team Cobra Kai, or something. And send it to the internet!” Oh, and did we mention his reply to Aisha’s comment about Thunderstruck costing too much was “I already own it. Cassette’s in the car.”


While we can’t put them all in a single article, Cobra Kai has many more scenes that are extremely funny. Stream season 4 of the Netflix Original now!

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