‘Cobra Kai’ Creators Set to Recreate Another Wave of Nostalgia With a Duke Nukem Movie Based on the 1990s Action Game

‘Cobra Kai’ Creators Set to Recreate Another Wave of Nostalgia With a Duke Nukem Movie Based on the 1990s Action Game

In recent years, Hollywood has really warmed up to video game characters. Take, for example, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg’s recent flick, Uncharted, which kicked off a franchise. Sonic did really well too. Hollywood is realizing that video game characters are quite bankable and hence the new interest in bringing these game characters to the silver screen. The Cobra Kai creators are also having a go at it. They had successfully rebooted the classic franchise of Karate Kid, and now they planned on their next full feature-length film based on Duke Nukem. The famous video game character from the 90s may finally get an entry into Hollywood after years of production studios trying to crack the film.

Cobra Kai creators planning to offer a modern twist to the 90s Duke Nukem 

If they could modernize Karate Kid for the new generation and transform the bully Johnny Lawrence into a lovable character, who is to say that they can’t do the same for Duke? Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg are producing the film in collaboration with Legendary Entertainment (Dune, Godzilla vs.Kong). Also in the mix is Jean-Julien Baronnet of Marla Studios who worked on the Assassin’s Creed movie. They have already acquired the rights from Gearbox. There is no story, no director, writer, or star cast attached to the project yet. 

Duke Nukem is a video game character that first appeared in 1991 in a first-person shooter game. He was foul-mouthed, and often cracked one-liners stolen from Hollywood action films. Fans didn’t quite take to his character until 1996 when Duke Nukem 3D arrived. The movie paved the way for modern first-person shooter games, as it was the first interactive gameplay in the 90s. Fans were blown away by the graphics and the design. Later, Duke Nukem Forever arrived after nearly a decade in 2011 and it was a huge downer. 

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Peacemaker’s John Cena was going to play Duke Nukem

Years ago, Paramount was trying to get the project off the ground with John Cena. But it failed. However, Cobra Kai creators may have the chance to see it through!

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