“It was magic”: Ralph Macchio Compares William Zabka With Pat Morita Remembering His First Scene With Johnny in ‘Cobra Kai’

“It was magic”: Ralph Macchio Compares William Zabka With Pat Morita Remembering His First Scene With Johnny in ‘Cobra Kai’

There are few roles in the world that have forever been bonded with the respective actors. For example, Robert Downey Jr. shall forever be the only Iron Man, and his MCU co-star Chris Evans has to be the best Captain America. But outside the superhero world, there have been other roles in cinema that have been immortalized. Now, the list will be inexhaustible if we get into it. But Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso is undoubtedly in there somewhere.

We cannot imagine anyone but Ralph as the student of Miyagi do. His portrayal of the teenager in need of a sensei has forever been burned into our memories. But when they decided to make a sequel TV series without Pat Morita, Ralph was a little hesitant to join. However, his first scene with Zabka made him proud of his choices.

Let us see what happened that made the 60-year-old actor change his mind.

Ralph Macchio finds his first scene with William Zabka special

It was certainly a daunting task to create Cobra Kai. To come back to a story after almost four long decades is no easy feat. And the writers of the show Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, knew it.

That’s why they decided to approach the original actors only after they had a great story pitch for them. According to Heald, Zabka was ready to join the show as he felt he had not portrayed all the shades of the complex character of Johnny Lawrence.

However, it was Ralph Macchio, who took some convincing. But since then, he says he feels blessed to come back to the show. And the moment he realized he had made the right choice was when he shot his first scene with Zabka after all those years.

The actor said that William took him to the time they acted with Morita, “It was magic, just like it was with Pat Morita the first time.” 

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All of the fans of the show were more than delighted to hear the original cast coming back to do the show. And it would have been a loss for us all if Ralph, the main character of the first three films, had chosen otherwise.

Would you guys still love the show if Ralph or Zabka were not a part of it? Let us know what you guys think in the comments below.

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