Chris Rock Takes a Dig at Will Smith as the Comedian Returns to the Oscar Nights Stage for a Show

Chris Rock Takes a Dig at Will Smith as the Comedian Returns to the Oscar Nights Stage for a Show

Chris Rock may be the first person to avenge with jokes. The 94th Academy Award made news for the winners and the performances, but perhaps more for the Will Smith slap gate incident. Rock had bagged himself the chance to be Oscar’s host for the third time, after 2005 and 2016. He was undoubtedly considered a good entertaining choice, but not even the comedian would’ve expected the outcome of it all.

The Spiral actor joked about Jada Smith’s bald ahead by calling her G. I Jane 2. The actress had shaved her hair because of a condition called alopecia areata. The joke clearly did not sit well with her or their husband Will Smith. After mouthing Rock to keep his wife’s name out, the I Am Legend actor suddenly got up to the stage and slapped Rock across his face. Now months after, the Oscar host was back on the same stage.

How Chris Rock tackled the Will Smith controversy?

Chris Rock has clearly not accepted Will Smith’s apology yet. The whole Oscar incident now to have come a full circle since the comedian came back on the stage mocking Will Smith during a gig. As per reports, Rock was at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles to perform there for the first time since the incident. On touching the topic of getting slapped by Smith, he said, “Did it hurt?’ You’re goddamn right it hurt.”

Will Smith is visibly bigger than Chris Rock, so the comedian mocked how “this mother f*cker played Ali! I played Pookie from ‘New Jack City!” He was referring to the 54-year-old’s 2001 movie Ali, based on boxer Muhammad Ali. Him being Pookie from the 1991 movie New Jack City.

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Other topics like the January 6 riot and Dave Chappelle were topics of the stand-up comedian’s stunt. Chris Rock revealed how he does not want to fight in front of white people and was raised better than to fight back. Apparently, he has no intentions to contact Smith anytime soon but continues to use him for joke content.

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