All the Kids of Netflix’s ‘Senior Year’ Wish They Had One Common Thing in Their High School

All the Kids of Netflix’s ‘Senior Year’ Wish They Had One Common Thing in Their High School

High school is one of the most significant parts of our lives. It’s the transitional period that shapes us as adults. While some are lucky to have fond memories back in their high school years, others aren’t. And that is the same for all of us, even for the movie stars. At the special premiere of the Netflix teen comedy Senior Year, the cast opened up about their high school experiences and regrets. Here is everything that they shared about their school lives. 

The Senior Year cast on Netflix wishes they were more confident in high school

Chris Parnell and Brandon Scott Jones, both theater kids, were severely lacking in self-confidence. Chris could never muster up the courage to approach the girls who liked him. And Brandon was a queer kid, who kept to himself and was mostly friends with the faculty and the staff.  

Mary Holland had a similar high school experience as Rebel Wilson’s character Stephenie Conway in the film minus the coma part. She, too, was stressed about attaining popularity back in freshman year. Molly Brown was the typical all-rounder and achieved a lot in school. However, she regrets not taking her AP Spanish seriously and not becoming a cheerleader. 

Both Avantika and Joshua Colley missed prom. The former missed the flyer, and the latter was homeschooled. But Colley got his high school experience getting ready at Avantika’s place for the premiere. On the other hand, Avantika wishes she had put herself more out there to make friends. Elsewhere Zoë Chao recalls her high school years as stressful. She would tell her younger self to relax, sleep more, and eat healthily. 

Because of their professional commitments, both Zaira Adams and Michael Cimino missed high school on campus. They would redo high school entirely to do all that they missed. 

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Tyler Barnhardt wouldn’t change a single thing

Out of the Senior Year cast on Netflix, Tyler probably had the best high school years. He was very proactive in the school theater and everybody liked him. Meanwhile, Jade Bender was a straight-A student who skipped two grades and started high school at age 12. Although his experience was quite nice, he wishes he was more equipped to handle the age difference.

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