SENIOR YEAR on Netflix: Rebel Wilson Shocks Fans With Her Transformation in the Film

SENIOR YEAR on Netflix: Rebel Wilson Shocks Fans With Her Transformation in the Film

The age of 90s nostalgia is officially upon us. TikTok refers to 90s kids as the “older generation of TikTok”, Madonna’s music is now considered old, and a list of endless other things. If Taylor Swift had to comment on Rebel Wilson, she’d say the latter is coming back “stronger than a 90s trend”. This movie she will star in is neither time travel nor is it set in the decade. Rebel Wilson’s character alone will be bringing the entire essence of the era to fans in SENIOR YEAR on Netflix.

What is SENIOR YEAR on Netflix about?

The Netflix movie begins with a young high student cheerleader. Just like most other cheerleaders we see on television, Stephanie is what one calls a “social butterfly’. She’s Netflix’s own Regina George, except this Regina George has her eyes set entirely set on the title of prom queen.

However, before she can even prepare herself for the events of prom, Stephanie suffers an injury. She falls into a coma right before her senior prom and awakens 20 years later. Things have changed for her. Madonna seemingly has taken up a new name and calls herself Lady Gaga, and there are eight more Fast & Furious movies for her to catch up with, along with a bunch of other not as significant yet still important things.

However, the one thing that hasn’t changed is her will. Stephanie is as determined to win the title of prom queen as she was at the beginning of the film. After all, age is indeed just a number. Watch the trailer of the film here:

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What makes this movie so special?

A person who has seen the trailer and gone through the comments on YouTube would be pleasantly shocked. While most times comments on a trailer brutally roast the creators and the title, especially for high school films, it isn’t the case here. The trailer of SENIOR YEAR on Netflix has incited great support for actress Rebel Wilson from fans.

This comes from Wilson breaking a seemingly endless loop she was stuck in. While the actress has many a talent to uncover and show as a performer, she had unfortunately only been limited to a single kind of role. The ‘funny overweight side character‘ seemed to be an archetype that always found its way into Wilson’s career. Her role as a high school diva, albeit an older one, has garnered endless support from fans. They know this will allow her to broaden her horizons beyond a single archetype.

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Make sure you stream SENIOR YEAR on Netflix on the day of its release, i.e., May 15, 2022.

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