“Can keep my dogs company” – When Meghan Markle Presented a Gift for Queen Elizabeth II

“Can keep my dogs company” – When Meghan Markle Presented a Gift for Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan Markle once amused Queen Elizabeth with a gift. The actress faced a world of difference when she moved to the UK after marrying Prince Harry. She tried to mix well with her new family but that did not work very well. In one of the most shocking moments in Royal history, later termed Megxit, she and Prince Harry moved to the USA to make it on their own.

The Suits actress blamed the media and certain Royal members for her exit, but she definitely tried to blend with her new family. During the initial years, she learned more about the likes and dislikes of Royal members, royal protocols, and etiquette. So when she met the late Queen, she was prepared with a gift to impress her grandmother-in-law and Her Majesty had an interesting response.

What did Queen Elizabeth II say to Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle had a rather unusual gift for Her Majesty during Christmas. The then royal gave a singing toy hamster on a string. Her Majesty was actually amused by the gift and said how it “can keep my dogs company.According to Royal experts, it was funny as Her Majesty’s corgis tried to take a hold of the singing hamster. The Queens’s gift was short-lived since the excited corgis mauled it to pieces in no time. Their relationship was one of the few good ones Markle had in the Firm since she was known to have issues with Kate Middleton, Harry’s cousins, and even staff members.

The couple moved to the USA since then and caused a further blow to the Royals with their Oprah interview. Ever since, the actress is back in her career starting a Spotify podcast called Archetypes, named after her son Archie. While Harry is in the works for his explosive memoir Spare.

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After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the Sussex’s much-anticipated return to the UK was witnessed by the world. Some hoped that this reunion would mark the beginning of repaired relations. Although that has not happened yet, and the couple is back in the US to continue their work. However, Meghan Markle will forever carry a special memory of hers with Her Majesty.

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