Marrying Meghan Markle Is a Bad Idea: How Prince Harry’s Near Ones Disapproved of His Relationship

Marrying Meghan Markle Is a Bad Idea: How Prince Harry’s Near Ones Disapproved of His Relationship

Marrying Meghan Markle was a bad idea; that is what Prince Harry’s loved ones told him once. The pair moved to the US after Megxit following a lot of controversies and split from the Royal family. It sent shock waves throughout the commonwealth when the couple decided to quit Royal duties, leaving Prince William and Kate Middleton with more responsibilities.

The Suits actress blamed the British media for being unfair towards her and disrupting her image. During an interview with Oprah, she also agreed to have a spat with the Duchess of Cambridge. Besides this, it has been revealed that Harry’s friends and family disapproved of his American girlfriend before they got married.

What did Prince Harry’s close circle say about Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle was a much-loved entity in the US, but most Britishers certainly do not approve of the Duchess of Sussex. According to Royal expert Tom Bower, one of the Prince’s friends said Harry must be “nuts” to have chosen her. The junior Prince had apparently introduced her to his friends even before the wedding. 16 of his Eaton friends were invited to Sandringham. Unfortunately, they all left feeling exhausted after Meghan approached each of them with all the jokes. As per a source, she would individually correct people from making any sort of offensive jokes.

There was banter amongst his friends after the party through texts. Prince Harry, who expected to have long talks with his friends, was left surprised in a bad way to see Markle respond to everyone during the meeting.

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Prince Harry saw similarities between his mother, Princess Diana, and his own partner. However, the former Princess of Wales’ brother does not share the same opinion. Prince William even approached Earl Spencer to have a talk with Harry regarding his choice. Even his two sisters agreed that the Hollywood actress would have a difficult time blending in, but their nephew stood strong in his decision.

The relationship between him and his family has undoubtedly soured since marrying Meghan Markle. But the couple seems happy so far.

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