Did Prince William ‘see through’ Meghan Markle on the Day of Her Wedding With the Duke of Sussex?

Did Prince William ‘see through’ Meghan Markle on the Day of Her Wedding With the Duke of Sussex?

Royal experts have been keeping a tab on everything that the Duchess does ever since the day of her marriage to Prince Harry. One of the most chaotic attacks on Meghan Markle was witnessed a couple of days ago when the Royal biographer, Tom Bower, charged Markle with a slew of unprecedented allegations. Although we thought his far-reaching hatred towards the Duchess would have a limit, the list of accusations by Bower does not end.

He made some horrible comments about Markle being the mastermind behind Harry’s Sapre and stripping them of their titles. Besides all of it, reports say, he even spoke of what the other senior royals of the Palace thought of her. This included Prince William, Charles Spencer, brother of Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer. 

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Bower weighs in on what the future king thought of Meghan Markle

Investigative journalist Tom Bower did not get tired of making Markle the villain of the Royal Family. In fact, he launched another series of allegations to throw dirt on the Duchess’ name. Speaking of which, he remarked, “Prince Williams saw through her (Meghan Markle) the day of the state wedding.” Adding to his attack, Bower said Charles Spencer, Diana’s elder brother, got to know what kind of person Markle was. 

This came in light of the feud between the two brothers of the Palace. The rift between the Royal couples did not start shortly after Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot. Rather, it was the outcome of the Sussexes’ desertion of the royal family as they decided to shift to the USA. Before this decision, things within the royal premises were manageable, at least within the Cambridges and the Sussexes. 

Speaking of Prince Harry and William’s relationship, the upcoming book by Harry is said to mark the end of it. There might not exist any kind of relationship between the two brothers. The two had come closer upon Archie’s birth in the palace. However, things got strained again as Meghan and Harry withdrew from the palace.

What do you think about the feuds between the two brothers? 

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