Can Henry Cavill’s Superman in Dwayne Johnson Starrer ‘Black Adam’ Save the DCEU?

Can Henry Cavill’s Superman in Dwayne Johnson Starrer ‘Black Adam’ Save the DCEU?

A lot is riding on both Henry Cavill and The Rock. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson began his career with WWE. The wrestler took his image from “The Rock is cooking,” to the Rock that is leading in Hollywood movies now. And DC could not have made use of the fit celebrity at a better time. Unsurprisingly, the wrestler has given one hit movie after another, including Jumanji.

Adding to this is Henry Cavill single-handedly keeping DC’s name in the game with Superman. And with Dwayne’s next movie, Black Adam, the stakes are high for everyone involved, especially since the news of Cavill making a cameo in it has been confirmed.

How DC is counting on Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill

The intensity of Marvel vs DC is only about to get stronger. The latter plans to get their superheroes back on track, putting super responsibility on the shoulders of Cavil and Dwayne. President and CEO of Warner Bros shocked the world of fantasy fans when they decided to shelve the Leslie Grace starrer Batgirl earlier. But coming to the rescue, like a true hero, is the Black Adam lead who said, “I am optimistic… just my nature is optimistic.” Apparently, the actor also has really good relations with the DC folks as well.

The new leadership at Warner Bros is aiming to give the company a makeover and set foot in the right direction. But in a competitive world of fantasy characters, both the risk and the reward are high. Giving an optimistic approach to this is Dwayne, who has promised to make things better for the Warner Brothers studio. With some sprinkling from Henry’s magic, Black Adam could be a turnover for better or for worse.

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The fantasy/action thriller is set to release on 21st October 2022. It is a direction by Jaume Collet Serra with Noah Centineo and Pierce Brosnan as part of the cast. The movie will show an enraged Black Adam released into the modern time, five thousand years later. His path facing the Justice Society of America will be the basic storyline of this movie.

Do you think The Rock starrer Black Adam, teamed up with Henry Cavill, can bring new success to DC? Let us know in the comments.

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