Was It Dwayne Johnson’s Demand That Made Fans Dream Come True With a Henry Cavill Cameo in Black Adam?

Was It Dwayne Johnson’s Demand That Made Fans Dream Come True With a Henry Cavill Cameo in Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson is a man who has made a name for himself in two of the most competitive industries, sports, and acting. And now, the actor is all set to make his debut in a very popular film franchise, DC Extended Universe. Johnson will star in the upcoming DC film Black Adam. While Johnson’s arrival is big news, rumors are that even Henry Cavill is making his much-awaited comeback as Superman with a cameo scene in the film.

Fans have been waiting for the confirmation of the return of Superman for a long time. And interestingly, it seems as if the news of Henry Cavill’s return is true and fans have Dwayne Johnson to thank.

Did Dwayne Johnson convince Warner Bros to bring back Henry Cavill?

In the past few years, DC extended universe is facing plenty of obstacles with its projects. While certain movies are doing decent commercially, others are being panned down by the critics. However, top of all these problems is the lack of Cavill’s involvement in the film franchise.

Last seen in the 2021 film, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Cavill’s absence has upset the fans. But, as per reports, Cavill has a cameo scene in Black Adam, and it was Dwayne Johnson who put the word to Warner Bros. On the Marvelvision podcast, former editor-in-chief of Birth. Movies. Death., David Faraci confirmed the same. As per Faraci, “Henry Cavill has returned as Superman in ‘Black Adam’ is because The Rock demanded it.”

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While Cavill’s presence in Black Adam is making the buzz, the Geralt of Rivia was not featured in the trailer. However, seeing glimpses of explosive air combat and the villainous ruler of Kahndaq‘s incredible powers is surely exciting. Even though Cavill’s comeback as Superman to the DCEU should be a grand affair, a cameo scene is a good way to start with.

Moreover, fans are anticipating a fight scene between Dwayne and Cavill, but there is no confirmation for the same. Black Adam will release on October 21, 2022, and only time can tell whether or not Cavill will return in his Kryptonian suit.

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