Caleb McLaughlin Calls Joe Keery A “Mom bro,” Solidifying The Actor’s Role As The Designated Babysitter On ‘Stranger Things’

Caleb McLaughlin Calls Joe Keery A “Mom bro,” Solidifying The Actor’s Role As The Designated Babysitter On ‘Stranger Things’

One of the most charming characters of the show, Steve Herrington, is a helpful person who takes care of the Hawkins gang. Whenever there is a problem, Steve is the older one in charge of the kids to keep them in a safe place. Although these kids cannot be kept long from danger because they like to indulge themselves in challenging tasks. But Joe Keery has certainly proved he is the perfect babysitter for Stranger Things cast. A Tiktok video from 2017’s San Diego Comic-Con resurfaced. As Caleb McLaughlin commented on a viral Tiktok Keery is a “mom bro.” Let’s get to the bottom of this young actor’s statement about his co-star Joe Keery. 

Joe Keery is the symbol of heroism for all the young cast members of Stranger Things 

After a Tiktoker shared a video of Joe defending Finn Wolfhard Caleb McLaughlin stated how protective this man is for his younger co-actors. Caleb wrote “Joe’s really Mom bro” in the comment section, mentioning the supportive role he has played throughout the series. As viewers have seen how Steve killed a Demagorgan saving Dustin. While he also saved Max from Billy punching him right in the face. 

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Moreover, adding to his appreciation Caleb said that he is an inspiration for all the kids. They all respect him for being a wall of protection for them. Undoubtedly, it can be seen why all the Steve Harrington fans love him so much and want him to be a part of the show till the end. 

What was the reason Joe supported Finn Wolfhard at San Diego Comic-Con? 

During the first arrival of Stranger Things, all the main cast characters were young and gained fame overnight. And most of these teenagers weren’t aware of the popularity, which also brings some challenges with it. During the interview, host Patton Oswalt introduced Finn with a shunning statement “an actor born with the greatest porn name ever.” This comment made Finn aka Mike feel embarrassed because he was only a 14-year-old kid at that time. 

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However, Joe noticed this cranky joke is affecting Finn so he gave him an affirming nod while glaring back at the anchor. Recently this video from 2017 was shared by a fan with the caption “IGNORE IT”. Where Keery was seen supporting Finn amidst this demeaning conversation. 

Also, Oswalt has apologized to Finn for his behavior back in 2017 after a fan posted the same video on Twitter. This TikTok post has received appreciation from the fans as the video got about 2 million views. Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 is set to release after two days only on Netflix. 

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